Our REMS unit is equipped with everything needed to handle the most common medical and rescue scenarios encountered in a wildland environment. We send our team out with an enclosed trailer that stores our equipment and our side by side UTV. This trailer also functions as our remote command center allowing us to remain on site for several days. Our unique TomCar Side by side, is purpose built to handle the roughest terrain experienced on a wildland fire. It is capable of carrying three of our team members plus a patient in its onboard stokes litter basket. Each team is equipped with a full complement of Advanced Life Saving medical gear to ensure excellent patient care. When the situation becomes steep, the team is equipped with the latest rope rescue hardware to reach and treat those in need. Finally, our team has the gear necessary for vehicle extrication out on the fireline.


As a compassionate EMS provider, we know seconds count. When the worst things happen in the worst places, our patients rely on our training and skills to bring them advanced life-saving skills where an ambulance can’t reach.

Our first passion is for the people we serve. Our Teams are comprised of everyday heroes—dedicated, nationally registered Paramedics and EMTs from a variety of backgrounds including U.S. Military, structure firefighting, wildland firefighting, ambulance services and technical rescue. Each background contributes a valuable perspective that strengthens and advances our team toward a vision of developing EMS and rescue leaders who will deliver high quality emergency medicine anywhere. 

We constantly train to provide rescue and medical solutions to people in a variety of unique environments, specializing in high and low angle rope rescue in steep wilderness terrain. While access and extrication of a patient is important, we also provide Paramedic-level care to the injured. By bringing advanced life saving skills to the patient, the survival rate is increased. As a result, our clients have the comfort of knowing our highly skilled rescuers are on stand-by to take care of them should the worst occur. 



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