We require all candidates to be a Nationally Registered EMT or Paramedic. Additionally you should be current in all CPR, ACLS, PALS and PHTLS. Candidates should have a minimum of two years in a busy 911 system with experience in remote medicine. Prior experience in wildland fire, preferably on a hand crew or similar job. Prior rope rescue certifications are helpful but not required.

 The job is very physically demanding and we only take personnel in top physical condition. Each year employees are required to pass a rigorous PFT (Physical Fitness Test) in order to train and deploy. We work in very rough country and must be able to hike many miles each day with packs weighing up to 70lbs. Our fitness must be at peak when performing a rescue.

Our season typically starts around the first week in June and ends in November/December. Wildfires are dynamic and each season can differ in length. Most of our team members can expect at least 90 days on incidents.

No. A certification for rope rescue can be helpful, but it does not guarantee acceptance on our team. We are looking for the right individuals to join our team. Certifications and skills are important, but professionalism, personality, and vision are a crucial component. During the hiring process each candidate is screened to see if they will be a good fit. Because we operate in four person teams for months on end, personalities need to mesh together. We aren’t looking for heroes. We are looking for the heart of the hero. Fireline Rescue is more than a job—it is a lifestyle and a calling.


Yes. Our employees have opportunities to attend different medical and rescue courses. We are always looking to improve our skills and be on the cutting edge of medicine. 

We typically run an intensive hiring campaign from March 1st to mid April, however, we always welcome new candidates throughout the year. Because of the nature of our work and our team-building environment, we will not be able to accept any new team members until the following season once the intensive hiring campaign ends in mid April. 

Fire deployments can vary in length but a typical assignment is 14-21 days. After that period there is a mandatory 2-3 rest days/R&R days after which you may be reassigned. 


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