Fireline Medics brings experienced Paramedics and EMTs who are arduously tested, red carded, line certified and Nationally Registered to the scene of wildland fires and natural disasters to provide emergency medical attention and transport. Our teams train and prepare for response to any disaster and provide swift, skilled emergency care. Fireline Medics Paramedics and EMTs have experience in several medical emergencies, such as cardiac, respiratory, and traumatic emergencies. 

Our Services

Fireline Medics ambulances come in a 4×4 configuration, with some and sporting high clearance for extremely rugged terrain. Ambulances are fully stocked with ALS or BLS medical supplies and provide reliable transport for our experienced EMS care providers and our patients alike, improving the chances for better outcomes for patients needing emergent treatment.

4 x 4 Ambulance Standby

Our Equipment

Fireline Medics BLS Resources are comprised of qualified, red carded EMTs who are outfitted with lightweight, rugged gear. Our EMTs carry AEDs, oxygen, advanced airways, and BLS drug boxes so they can provide basic life support. Some EMTs have additional module training such as airway administration, Epi draw-up and administration, and IV administration skills which allow those specialized EMTs to provide a bit more than basic care to our patients on the fire line. Fireline BLS Resource Team Members, like their ALS counterparts, deploy via 4×4 trucks and SUVs with backboards and are able to transport short hauls to an ambulance.

BLS Resources

Every Fireline Medics ALS Resource is equipped with a lightweight container that packs all the emergency drugs a paramedic may need to administer—cardiac, respiratory, anaphylactic, and diabetic emergency medications as well as pain management where necessary to mitigate pain from wilderness injuries while in the remote settings of wildland fires. These boxes allow Medics to pack a number of drugs and narcotics in a case small enough to fit in their fire packs without sacrificing space or increasing the total weight of the pack.

Micro Drug Box

Paramedics or Advanced EMTs (depending on the States recognition) who are red carded and equipped with the supplies to treat medical and traumatic emergencies will be deployed to an incident requiring ALS resources. Fireline Medics ALS Resource Team Members carry everything an ambulance carries but in a lightweight and rugged medical bag designed specifically for use at wildland fires. These teams and single resources are equipped They with a micro drug box, oxygen, cardiac monitor, IV fluids/supplies and advanced airway management equipment. An ALS Resource deploys via 4×4 truck and/or SUV with backboards and are prepared to meet the challenges of providing excellent patient care in rugged and unfamiliar terrain. Once the patient is stabilized, these resources can also short haul to rendezvous with an ambulance to most efficiently deliver the patient to higher level of care.

ALS Resources


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